Welcome to Top Rated Sewing  Machines! This is the place to find great reviews on popular sewing machine brands, and specific models. Our goal is to provide you with the most up-to -date information available online, as well as recommendations on where to find the best bargain.

Owning a top-rated sewing machine is important to many home sewers. With so many great models on the market today, however, it is often difficult to make a choice.  Features can vary greatly from one machine to another and often correlate to price,  which can range from about one hundred dollars to a few thousand.  If you are searching for a new sewing machine, and your eyes are glazing over from reading about stitch function, variable speed control, and automatic buttonholers, the following information may be helpful to you.

First and foremost,  you must consider your actual sewing needs when deciding on a sewing purchase.  Do you:                                                          

  • Sew only occasionally, mostly clothing and to make repairs? Or are you an avid sewer who enjoys creating a variety of clothing and household items (curtains, pillows, bedding, etc.)?
  • Sew for other people?
  • Sew with a variety of material, from lightweight cotton and silk, to heavier denim, faux leather, and decorator fabrics?
  • Use your machine for quilting?
  • Require a lightweight machine?
  • Require a large variety of stitches?

If you keep the answers to these questions in mind as you research, they may help you make an informed choice, and one that makes you happy. After all, you want your investment to last you a long time, and provide hours of enjoyment.

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